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Our Expertises

Bringing companies together, creating dynamics, opening new markets.

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Business disposal

Do you want to sell your business ? Separate yourself from a branch of activity to refocus ?
For more than 25 years, we have been supporting agrifood managers in this key stage of transmission. Discreetly, we connect and synergize potential sellers and buyers and we are present at each phase of the process : from assesment to valorization ; from the search for buyers to the negotiation of the transmission.

Business acquisition 

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Corollary to the business disposal, we support acquisition projects with a resolutely market-oriented vision and knowledge of the sector and its challenges.
Prepare your project as well as possible, test the performance of your business model, look for aid and financing... these are all essential steps to seduce a seller who, very often, will have the choice.
We help you build your acquisition offer and find the right targets according to your needs and your strategy.


Meet the specific needs of a specific sector

MTI International was born from the observation made by former managers and senior executives of SMEs and ETIs in the agri-food sector: for any specific sector, an approach must be adapted that takes into account its specificities.
This is all the more true for the agri-food sector, which is undergoing a deep change and has been faced with real upheavals and challenges over the past twenty years.

Our values

Because your trust is our strength.

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External growth

Getting the fuel you need to move your project and your business forward is also our job.
Our approach allows you to have at your disposal the whole range of solutions for business combinations, and therefore for business combinations with investors.
As with any major operation, likely to disrupt the balance of governance, it requires time and preparation. It must be anticipated and planned at the right time.
We support you on all the strategic axes linked to the fund raising and of course, we look for the investors likely to bring you this famous fuel!

Boost your business

Our MTI Affiliates are agribusiness professionals, focused on strategy and opperational deployment who identify and analyze your projects.
Because valuation in all its aspects is also part of our business, we help the manager to gain height in his activity.

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Neutrality and benevolence, our objective is to obtain the best agreements in your interest.


To ensure the development of your project, we make sure that your issues are fully understood.


We apply the same rigor as if it was in your place. Participating in your growth is contributing to ours.


We are use to support our clients often over several years. In order to obtain growth and change.


This is our leitmotif. Everything you give to your MTI Consultant

will remain religiously guarded and protected.


They trusted us

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Contact us

+33 9 72 29 43 06


9 route de Clermont

43 100 Cohade


Head office

5 lotissement les Vergers

43230 Couteuges


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